Professor Chen Zichen Led a Delegation from ZJU to Visit Moscow Aviation Institute for Further Cooperation

1 June, 2018

From May 20 to 24, vice chairman of the university development committee, Professor Chen Zichen led a delegation to visit Moscow Aviation Institute. Members of the delegation included the deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Department, Xue Fei, Professor Shao Xueming of SAA, Professor Qu Shaoxing, professor Song Kaichen and Professor Zhao Minjian of the School of Telecommunications. This visit is also one of the important plans for the international cooperation of Multi-functional UAV Science and Technology Alliance of our university.

MAI is a world-renowned aviation institution and one of the 29 national research universities designated by the Russian government. Delegation visit laboratories such as 101 flight teaching lab, driving engine test and flight simulation lab, etc. They met with the Institution headmaster, Professor Burgshawn, vice president Professor Ravi Kovitch, director of the Scientific Research Department Professor Steles, the minister of International Frontier Project Department, Konovsky, deputy minister Akinchuva, and the Chinese Project Director, Baravina, etc. The two sides mainly conducted in-depth exchanges on the future cooperation model, research cooperation direction and joint education of high-level professionals.

Both sides regard the other as the important strategic partner of future development. Two specific aspects have been reached during the visit. In terms of student education, undergraduates from SAA of ZJU will first participate the summer camp program of MAI in 2018. At the same time, both parties had reached the intention of the joint education project of 3+1 program for undergraduates of ZJU and the dual-degree postgraduate program. The cooperation details will be further determined. In terms of scientific research, the two sides will cooperate with Zhejiang Haika Feihong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a china-Russia joint research platform on aviation technology in Zhejiang University, focusing on promoting in-depth cooperation in aircraft design, research and development and industrialization.

This visit is an important step in the globalization of Zhejiang University. It has enhanced the friendship between the two sides, enhanced the cooperative relationship between ZJU and MAI, as well as the international education level.