Heads of ZJU and MAI Met in Shanghai for Extended Cooperation in Future

18 September, 2018

On 16 September, president of Zhejiang University WU Zhaohui met with rector of Moscow Aviation Institute (National research university) Mikhail Pogosyan. Visiting representatives are director of Scientific Research Division Dmitry Strelets, general manager of International Frontier Project Department Roman Klinovskiy, director of the Laboratory of Composite Materials Yegor Nazarov. Representatives from School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of ZJU, Foreign Affairs Department, Sci-Tech Academy of ZJU, Zhejiang Haika Feihong Aviation Technology Co. Ltd also attended this meeting. The two presidents signed cooperation agreement between ZJU and MAI, and unveiled the plaque for “ZJU-MAI-HAIKA Sino-Russian Joint Research and Development Center of Aviation Technology”.

Presiden Wu said that the coordination between China and Russia has been developed more and more positive since this year under the strategic guidance of the two heads of state. The cooperation between China and Russia in the field of science and technology education is an important way for the two countries to achieve win-win cooperation and peaceful development. MAI is a leader in the field of aviation science and technology in Russia and even in world. As our school had made great development and progress in the field of aerospace, we are hoping to seize the opportunity to cooperate with each other, doing research closely related in practical industry, and making the joint research center a model in the cooperation of student education and scientific innovation.

MAI rector Mikhail Pogosyan said the two sides have had close communication and cooperation over the past year and achieved some results. MAI and other Chinese universities have carried out joint research in the fields of commercial aircraft and wide-body jet engine. He looked forward to carrying out substantial cooperation with ZJU in the fields of aviation technology and general aircraft. He hoped that the signing of cooperation agreement between ZJU and MAI, unveiling of Joint Research and Development Center, and the launch of Joint Bachelor's Educational Programs will lay a solid foundation for comprehensive and profound cooperation between two schools.

Moscow Aviation Institute was founded in 1930, and named as Aerospace Technology University in 1993. It is a university specializing in research and education in aeronautics and astronautics. Designers of Russian Tupolev Design Bureau, Mig Design Bureau and Yakovlev Design Bureau were first group of professors of MAI. Most of Russian aerospace research findings are achieved from MAI and many famous academicians, scientists and astronauts are graduated from this University.

The communication between ZJU and MAI started from 2017. Both parties signed MOU in May 2018, including establish a joint research and development center of aviation technology, and carry out joint training of professionals in the field of aviation. In summer of 2018, 20 undergraduates from School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of ZJU went to MAI for summer school program. The meeting of both rectors in Shanghai will be the prelude of cooperation in the field of aviation research and education.