President of CAAA Li Feng Appointed as Adjunct Researcher in ZJU

22 October, 2018

On 11 October, 2018, the president of China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics Li Feng was offered appointment as part-time researcher in Zhejiang University. Dean of SAA Ruan Xiangxin presented the appointment letter.

After the ceremony of appointment, Prof. Li Feng gave a speech on “Innovation and Application of UAV Technology”. He talked about the development of rainbow UAV, the technological innovation of armed UAV and the integration of UAV and artificial intelligence technology.

Li Feng is expert of aerodynamics in the field of aerospace vehicles. He gained systematic and innovative achievements in the fields of low-reynolds number aerodynamics, flow separation and control, ultra-low-altitude flight aerodynamics. He applied the theoretical achievements of aerodynamics to UAV and created the Rainbow UAV, which made outstanding contributions. The research results of his new concept, theory and method on thermal protection of hypersonic vehicle provide a new way for non-ablative thermal protection of flight vehicle. He has won 20 national or provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 11 authorized patents, published 2 scientific and technological books, and 94 papers (over 60 EI/SCI papers, be cited by others more than 300 times).