Groups& Clubs

Currently, there are two university-level student science and technology innovation groups, i.e. Aeromodelling Team of ZJU, and Microsatellite Club of ZJU. These groups aim to provide a scientific and creative platform for students with different professional backgrounds. Thus students from different majors may communicate and discuss with each other, exchaning knowledge and experience, realizing integration of multidisciplinary.

Aeromodelling Team of ZJU

The Aeromodelling Team of ZJU was offically established in 2007, the day of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Engineering Mechanics. Students from different professionals covering Engineering Mechanics, Machinery, Materials, Electricity, Control, Chemical Engineering, Optics, etc. may join this team when they pass the recruitment interview. Students who are interested in aero models may also join this group. Students will learn and explore aero model making and relevant knowledge, to develop and make models independently, and to participate in China Aeromodelling Design Challenge.

The team has won various scientific innovation awards in different competitions such as radio-controlled electric model glider competition, solar aircraft competition, vertical take-off and landing transport competition, etc. The Aeromodelling Team is determined to participate in the research projects undertaken by ZJU in the near future.

Microsatellite Club of ZJU

The Microsatellite Club was founded in 2012. The CellSat Mobile Satellite Program (hereinafter referred to as "CellSat") was launched in the same year. It aims to develop undergraduates' interest in scientific research and practical ability, to provide  potentical professionals in aerospace research.

The club has comprehensively promoted the construction of Micro-satellite Practice Base for undergraduate students of ZJU since 2016. Relying on the faculty, equipment and technology of the Research Center of Microsatellite, the club provides a platform for students to develop and build their own satellites. In this way, more young people will be attracted to join the research field of aerospace.