Student Activities

Aerospace Festival

Aerospace Festival is an annually hold brand student activity in ZJU. In order to carry forward the spirit of aeronautics and astronautics, activities in this festival are carried out mainly through four aspects: Academic exchanges, scientific and technological innovation, military visit and comprehensive ability competition. There are some routine activities in every year’s festival, such as Professor Forum, Knowledge Contest, Air Carnival, Social Practice and Students Training Camp. This festival creates strong academic atmosphere in school and enriches student campus life, so as to arouse students’ interest in aeronautics and astronautics, to improve their innovative research ability, teamwork ability and manipulative ability.

Innovative Practice Platform

In order to strengthen students’ innovative spirit and practical ability, SAA makes full use of Undergraduate Innovation Laboratory and the National Demonstration Center of Mechanics, organizes a group of professors and young backbone teachers to guide student clubs and activities. SAA provides the students with an intramural and open platform for developing scientific and technological innovation ability as well as comprehensive application ability.

Meanwhile, SAA also signed contracts with off-campus practice bases such as China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, Kinghill Fuchun Group co., ltd., to build platforms for students to practice their innovative ability as well as to obtain learning and practicing experiences.